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macbreak motion paths

After a run of media management tips, it is good to see Steve and Mark back to the creating side of things. This week they are looking at moving a keyframed motion path without moving keyframes. Does that make sense?

We have all done it in Motion and also Final Cut Pro X now that the keyframing functionality is similar. You build a motion path that you like, but you have to move the whole path. Not as easy as it sounds as without the correct key combinations you will end up creating new keyframes and a very odd moving object.

Mark Spencer and Steve Martin come to the rescue in this new episode of MacBreak Studio where you'll watch the tricks to move a motion path with ease. Come to think of it easing is something completely different, but we think you know what we meant!

If you liked the tutorial, Ripple Training have a great $29.99 2 hour long Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 In Depth training which gives information on the new features in the recent 10.0.6 update.

If you want to know more about Motion, Mark Spencer is the author of the official Apple Pro Training Series book that is available from Amazon.



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