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We have featured a lot of film grain packs on here over the years. One of our forum members tipped us off about this new inexpensive pack from Holygrain, so we thought we would take a look.

Making video look like film is big business for plugin and film stock emulation companies. Products range from simply adding noise or grain electronically right up to custom shot and scanned 4K grain. You can read up about editors findings on grain packages on our Forum.

Most packages are fairly expensive, so it was good to find Holygrain offering a large pack of grain, dust and scratches for just $49. The pack consists of 1080p clips that get overlaid over footage so they will work with many NLEs that have different overlay methods.

The $49 gives you:

  • 4 plates of clean 35mm film grain, in a scale of 1 - 4 (fine - rough)
  • 4 plates of clean 16mm film grain, in a scale of 1 - 4
  • 4 plates of clean 8mm film grain, in a scale of 1 - 4
  • 9 plates of "dust and scratches" against a grey background, in a scale of 1 - 10
  • 6 plates of white "dust and scratches" against a black background, in a scale of 1 - 6
  • 1 plate of essential 35mm - 16mm dirt with running time 5 minutes
  • 4 plates of flicker patterns
  • 6 plates of "line-scratches"
  • 2 plates of "micro-scratches"
  • 6 Quick8mm Looks, still and animated
  • 1 plate of 8mm Film "Heavy Damage" simulation
  • A set of 5 standard and 3 8mm Gate Hard Mattes
  • 8mm projector sound


35mm film grain example.


16mm film grain example.


16mm film grain example.


8mm film grain example.


All the different sized packs can be bought independently for $24 each. A 2K sized pack is also available for $49 or both main packs are availale as a bundle for $79.

There's also a free example of one of the Holygrain 35mm grain clips to download.


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