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The first week into the new year and new plugins for Final Cut Pro X are already starting to appear. This latest plugin from Pixel Film Studios is designed to make the making of split screens easier. PROLUMETRIC gets released too.

Maybe we should start a count of how many new plugins are released for Final Cut Pro X during 2013. Over a hundred maybe? One thing we do know is that the range of products for FCPX is growing far faster than any other NLE out there.

New this week is PROSLICE from Pixel Film Studios. Split screens are always popular and this plugin offers a lot more flexibility and better results compared to using the built in masking tools.

The pack of over 50 different templates is normally priced at $49.95 but it is currently discounted down to $29.95. Customers will also get PROMASK for free too.

What is different from the other numerous split screen plugins out there? This one features built in 3D

"3-d capabilities are also available in this fine plugin. On-Screen controls, with a reference guide, allow you to visualize the perspective in a brand new way. Keyframe the perspective of your clip and get the illusion you are walking past your scenes."

Following on from PROSLICE, Pixel Film Studios have released PROLUMETRIC, a new plugin that adds light rays, and dust particles to footage. The plugin is normally priced at $54.95 but is discounted down to $34.95.


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