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Chris Culp decided to film himself editing on Final Cut Pro and then compress that down into a one minute video. It made us think of two things. 1: Editors don't move much during the day and 2: There are many different ways to control FCP. What's yours?

First off, let's take a look at the 4 hours of hard FCP work compressed into a minute. Chris is working on Gold Fever, a program for the Outdoor Channel


Craig works FCP like our Website Editor. He has his left hand on a colour keycap FCP keyboard and his right hand works an old Wacom oversize A4 tablet. Different to Craig though, the keyboard is placed on top of the (mapped) tablet. The mouse is there for when the AP jumps in to work the system but cannot use the pen.

Over time we have seen more and more editors move to using tablets not only for speed but for proper control of applications like Motion. We've yet to see an editor using the gestures in Motion but maybe the new OS and FCPX will make the tablet even more useful. Our editor also pointed out that using a tablet means you have to stop work to eat when the takeout curry arrives! 


So how how you work your FCP? We know of great editors who can use a keyboard and a mouse for 12 hours straight without any carpal tunnel. We also know of great editors who will use every keyboard shortcut in the book to avoid touching the mouse. Everybody has their favourite way.

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