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We were horrified when we read this post from Walter Biscardi. The ignorance of a producer that contacted him is unbelievable. If you are planning on making a film you wish to submit to a festival in the future, we suggest you take a read and follow his good advice.

We really don't know how Walter kept his cool with this producer, but he did. The whole email conversation is over on his blog, but here are a couple of excerpts just to show you how staggeringly naive some people are.

Producer: I have a film shot on RED that I’m planning to submit to Sundance.  I hired a college student to cut the film and gave them 2 months to cut it.  The film will be about an hour.

Walter: You hired a university student to cut a film for submission to Sundance.   That’s only the most difficult film festival to get an acceptance in the U.S. because EVERYBODY submits to that one.  The way you get accepted is to already have an in with the festival, have a blockbuster coming out, or submit an absolutely superb story that stands out above the rest.   So you entrusted a college student to prepare your film for the most difficult film festival to get into.

Producer: While I’m watching it, I realized that it’s not 60 minutes and there are crucial errors in it (i.e. missing scenes, and in one scene you hear the AD say “Action”). I can’t submit this!

Walter:  So you have not watched any rough cuts of the film at all?  When the film is completed this is the first time you’re seeing it?   Generally an editor submits rough cuts either on a daily, weekly or other regular schedule that is laid out with the Producer before the edit starts.

Don't forget to read the full article on Walter Biscardi's blog.

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