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Do all the old versions of Final Cut with manuals really add up to 17kg? The dumping of the boxes got us thinking though, what should we do to prepare for FCPX?

We will be there downloading FCPX on the day it gets released in June, but what can we do beforehand to make life easier?

1) Finish stuff off

It is our guess that FCP7 and FCPX might be able to live on the same hard drive. Just in case of problems though this is the ideal time to finish off any FCP7 project that you've had hanging around. Updating your showreel or editing that family party video, now is your chance to clear the decks.

2) A fresh install of Snow Leopard

Now is the ideal time to do a complete wipe of your hard disk and reload the operating system. You don't want any piece of odd or trial software standing in the way of FCPX using all the machine's resources. Do all the updates necessary.  Make sure you do the next steps first though.

3) Backup your hard drive

By this we don't just mean using Time Machine. Make a complete clone of the drive using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper. If anything goes wrong, you can always get your machine back working in its original state.

4) Make a list of all installed software & log serial numbers

We know it sounds obvious, but you have probably amassed a library of third party software and plugins for Final Cut Pro. Make a list and find all the serial numbers.

5) Find the URLs of all the new installers

You will want to install the latest versions of plugins, add-ons and even simple things that you might not have updated like the drivers for a Wacom tablet. (At this point we don't know what or if anything works with FCPX). Find the URL's to the latest drivers/installers and store them in one Text Edit document. Better still make a folder on your backup disk of all the installers.

6) Copy other libraries

In your rush to reformat your hard drive, don't forget that you will wipe your iTunes and iPhoto libraries. Back them up to another drive.

7) Install more disks in your MacPro

If you edit on a MacPro and have an empty caddy in the machine, rather than reformat your boot drive, install a fresh copy of Snow Leopard on a new disk. When FCPX is released, install that on the new drive then you'll be able to have two working systems to choose from.

If you have a second spare slot then buy another drive to do exactly the same thing but install Lion when it is released. If you are a working editor, you cannot afford to have a machine that you can't edit on.

8) Check you can purchase software through the Mac App store.

Make sure you have updated your system software so that you can access the Mac App store via the OS. It should be the third item in the dropdown menu from the Apple logo in the menu bar. Have you got an Apple ID? Is your credit card valid?

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