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Adobe has today announced a new cross platform NLE called Project Rush. Whist we welcome all new tools, it does look very similar to an old friend!

Today at VidCon 2018, Adobe announced Project Rush, a new cross platform editing application that's not released yet, but users can apply to be on the beta. (Be prepared to submit a link to a YouTube video you have made.)

First up, I welcome all new tools to the market as they all help us video editors in our job. We had wind of a new NLE from Adobe a couple of years ago when the then Project Manager Al Mooney told users in a live 'Ask me anything' online broadcast that Adobe was having to rethink their NLE products.

It looks like that's exactly what they have done with Project Rush.

It is initially aimed at users who want to publish video to social media, but it doesn't take a genius to realise what the endgame is here. The current version Adobe Premiere Pro is full of bugs. Just how many times do you have to click a solo button to hear your audio in a day? Time for a complete change.

So what do we know about Project Rush?

  • Cross device editing -iPad/iPhone/desktop
  • 4 tracks of audio
  • Lumerti Colour Correction
  • Audition features built in
  • Adobe Stock built in
  • Built in templates
  • AI powered features 

So, just like Apple starting with a fresh design and fresh code (Possibly Lumetri is in there) Adobe can design for the future. Adobe are going to have parallel NLEs on the market when Rush comes out of the beta period.

adobe project rush 02Looks like some sort of connected clip feature in Project Rush

This is very clever marketing and a complete contrast to Apple's rather disastrous FCPX launch when they killed off FCP7 overnight. But with an eight year lead over Adobe, hasn't Apple already patented some of FCPX's radical new features like Connected Clips?

Project Rush will start simple and then grow into the possible replacement for Premiere over a timespan. That means that editors can move over to Project Rush when they feel comfortable.

If only Apple had done the same!

You can find more information about Project Rush and sign up to the beta here.  Also checkout the Adobe Blog for more information.

Will I be signing up to the beta? Of course! This is new technology, not just a new GUI on an old piece of software and that's why it is exciting. It should be out later in the year.


peter wigginsPeter Wiggins is a broadcast freelance editor based in the UK although his work takes him around the world. An early adopter of FCP setting up pioneering broadcasts workflows, his weapon of choice is now Final Cut Pro X.

You can follow him on Twitter as @peterwiggins or as he runs the majority of this site, you can contact him here.


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