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We all love free effects and our #FreeEffectFriday posts are always popular, so why not? As it's a Friday, here's a collection of some great free FCPX effects!

If you want to stay on top of the latest free effects, then make sure you take a regular look at our busy Forum. Not only is it a great place for help with FCPX, it's also the original list of free FCPX effects on the internet.

We start with a couple of amazing 3D templates that replicate the look of an old LP and a much newer CD.

Both templates have been designed by the very talented Pielle.

PinkMania: 3D free generator (LP & sleeve)

Download PinkMania. You will have to tweak the Generator to get your own album covers in.


CD: 3D FCPX Generator

Following on from Pielle's LP template, his son asked him to do the same, this time for a CD and case.

Download CD: 3D FCPX Generator. This plugin has drop zones for the CD artwork.


Vertical Video Fixer

FCP.co Forum Moderator Karsten Schlüter (who we all owe a big thank you for policing the spam) has posted a vertical video fixer.

Download Vertical Video Fixer 3 - Now with onscreen controls!



Karsten is also the author of a free watermarking plugin for Final Cut Pro X.

Download Watermark


Quick In-Out Revealer

Forum member Tapio Haaja has put together this very handy logo animation tool.

Download Quick In-Out Revealer


Bloxx Title Generator

Finally, back to the very talented Karsten who posted this 3D title generator at the end of last year.

Download Bloxx Title Generator


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