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By now, we are sure you are familiar with Bradley Olsen's documentary about FCPX called 'Off the Tracks.' Now is your opportunity to help get this film finished by contributing to his Kickstarter campaign. And yes, there are T Shirts!

So far the trailer for Brad's documentary 'Off the Tracks' has been received well. But completing a film to cinematic presentation level is still an expensive business.

That's why he's launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to help finish the film off. He's also produced a fund raising promo which you can view below. (Sorry about the lack of thumbnail)

Brad, where are you with the film?

We're still editing and I will be picking up a couple last minute interviews in the next few weeks.

What you need to do to finish the film?

What I still need to do is a lot! The biggest hurdles looking forward would be a music score, stock footage, and all the legal stuff (releases, clearance rights, lawyers, insurance). I'm learning more and more each day about what I don't know. Making the film is hard enough on its own, but there's a lot of unexpected challenges that come with distribution.

What people will get at the different tiers of contribution?

We have lots of rewards for the different pledge levels: advanced download of the movie, t-shirts and stickers, an autographed poster, tickets to the premiere, passes to the creative summit, on screen credit in the movie...

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So please head over to Brad's Kickstarter campaign for Off the Tracks and if you can, a donation will help to get this film finished. 

Here is the original trailer:




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