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As top tens are always popular here on FCP.co, we decided to put together a 'cardinal listicle' for the best applications that work with Final Cut Pro X.

It all started off as a conversation about the great ecosystem that has grown up around FCPX. Then the thought that a list of all the really helpful applications that work with Final Cut Pro X might be a great idea for an article. 

We agree and our top ten FCPX apps are below. No particular order, just a great list of programs that help FCPX editors.

x2pro fcpx fcpco

 1) X2Pro

X2Pro from Marquis Broadcast was released at the same time as the first version of FCPX. It takes FCPXML and creates an AAF file which Avid's Pro Tools can open. If your project is going for a sound dub, using this $149.00 app will take away a lot of the pain. It's an old demo video below, but the principles are still the same.


sendtox 2016

 2) SendToX

Originally called 7toX, SendToX is a $9.99 app from Intelligent Assistance that translates FCP7 and Premiere Pro XML into FCPX. A very handy way to get those old FCP7 projects updated into X. It was also released on the same day as FCPX. The first of a few entries from Philip and Greg.

Find out what does and what doesn't translate in this PDF SendToX/7toX for Final Cut Pro

icone v3

 3) Final Cut Library Manager

Get rid of unwanted optimised, proxy and render files on your hard disks with the €20 app Final Cut Library Manager 3Final Cut Library Manager 3. Reclaims Gigs of space on disks with the option for creating templates and moving and deleting Libraries.

xtocc logo large1024


Another entry from Philip and Greg from Intelligent Assistance. This time the $50 app XtoCC (was called Xto7 ) does the reverse of SendToX. This app takes a FCPX Event or Project and converts it into FCP 7 XML ready for Adobe Premiere or FCP7!

You can read the whole story of the development of XtoCC here.

xsend motion

5) Xsend Motion 

An application that brings back functionality from the FCP7/Motion roundtripping days. The $99 XSend Motion app from Automatic Duck allows the editor to take FCPX timelines and content into Motion. You can read Ronny Courten's review here.


6) WORX4 X

Another app from Marquis Broadcast. WORX4 X is a $90 application that media manages by actually trimming the unused media from clips. Rather like the old media managing in FCP7, this app makes a new XML of a sequence with a linked folder full of trimmed media with user definable handles. 

 producer s best friend 2016

7) Producer's Best Friend

The third and last entry from Philip and Greg at Intelligent Assistance. Producer's Best friend is a $99 app that takes FCPX XML from a Project and converts selected data into a spreadsheet with no fiddly copy and pasting. This can automate the logging of music and stock or archive video for example. It makes analysing a finished timeline a lot easier and exact, hence the name.

 vticon 360

 8) VideoTweet

The fastest way to get video uploaded on to Twitter. This $6 application from Arctic Whiteness allows the editor to upload video to Twitter in the correct format with just a few clicks from directly inside FCPX.

 175x175bb 1

9) MergeX

If you have ever tried to merge two FCPX events together, you'll know it's not easy. MergeX a $49 application does the hard work for you by combining keywords, ratings and metadata on each clip. More information here.


10) Frame.io

Well, maybe more of a service than an application, but we think their online client approval system is possibly one of the best additions to FCPX. Frame.io can export to the web directly from inside FCPX. There's also now a cool iOS app that clients can review and comment on videos on.


And that's our top ten! There are many more apps, but those ten stand out. Do you have a favourite we haven't listed? If so you can add it in the comments below.



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