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august fcpx plugins

It seems that the summer holiday period doesn't stop developers from releasing Final Cut Pro X plugins. Lots of them. Colour correcting, titles, lights and FCPX themes all feature in this roundup.


Leno Porto has been busy. Since the very successful launch of his 47 Clean Titles & Lower Thirds, he has released a further five new titles

12 Gradient Lower thirds

YouTuber Watch next

10 Wedding Titles

12 Simple Lower Thirds

The fifth is 50 Split Screen FX and the one we decided to feature here as it looks cool. Yes split screen plugins have been done before, but it looks like you get 50 different arrangements and a lot of functionality for $30 with Leno's. 

If you go to his webpage or follow the YouTube link below, he has tutorials posted for the plugins.


New to the market is Jon Belew. He has built a set of plugins harnessing Motion's lights. It is called Lights and Shadows and is currently discounted down to $29 from $49.

FCP.CO readers can enjoy 50% off of that price with the code FCPCO making the total $14.50 until Sept. 7 when the price goes back to $50.


He's has also produced this thirteen minute video showing the plugin in action.


SugarFX have been producing plugins for Final Cut Pro since the FCP7 days. Epicenter is a $39 set of broadcast designed templates for FCPX that apply a radiating graphic style over footage. The shape and animation style are customisable and the plugins have 20 colour palettes loaded.


Epicenter is distributed via the FxFactory plugin management system. There is also a short tutorial to see exactly how Epicentre works.


Finally, a company that we don't see very often taking part in the FCPX ecosystem, NewBlueFX. They seem to concentrate on other platforms such as Sony Vegas and Avid, but there new ColorFast2 plugin is worth a look as it works in FCPX.

Priced at $99, but currently on a special offer, ColorFast2 comes with the things you would expect from a colour corrector such as a presets & white balance (ahem) but also has other features such as masking, skin tone protection and built in scopes!

We would be very interested to hear from anybody who has tried this out as the marketing isn't very focussed for FCPX. The demo video shows the plugin working in Premiere. Some FCPX screenshots on the website would help.



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