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Another entrant into the Final Cut Pro X plugin ecosystem this week is Leno Treinamentos from Brazil with his range of free and commercial FCPX plugins.

We always like to help the smaller product producers in the FCPX ecosystem. Today we share the news that Leno Treinamentos as LenoFX has published a new commercial pack to go along with his growing portfolio of free plugins.

The newest of his commercial packs is this collection of 47 titles and lower thirds. Normally priced at $25, they are on sale at $19.


The titles pack join a collection of commercial and free plugins that are based on clean or simple animations. He has packs of simple transitions, text boxes, bullet points and the odd slideshow in there as well.

The plugin market has changed dramatically since FCPX's release and the trend seems to be smaller plugin producers offering quality products at a lot lower price. These products can be bought directly from the writer or through a larger template publishing house such as Video Hive. You might notice that Leno is up there in the best selling charts for FCPX products!



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