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We are big fans of Frame.io, the online tool for sharing, collaboration and commenting on edits & content. Now they have just released an iOS app so you can get all the functionality of Frame.io (and more) right on your iPhone.

We have been using Frame.io since the release and all our collaborators online seem to love the way that they can see edits and revisions. The old ways of making an H264 and emailing or sending a WeTransfer seem as ancient and cumbersome as sending a VHS with burnt in timecode through the post!

If you haven't tried Frame.io with Final Cut Pro X, you can export directly off the timeline with the help of a custom destination that gets installed into FCPX. It is very easy to use, a lot of our collaborators have told us they much prefer working this way.

So when Emery Wells from Frame.io got in touch, we were very keen to find out a bit more about the new iOS application for the iPhone. In the discussion, Emery mentioned that they had been too busy finishing the app to make a video. This morning, we had an email saying they had been hard at work over the weekend producing this promo video. We think the effort is well worth it as it instantly shows how Frame.io's features work on the iPhone.



The Frame.io app is free to download from the App Store. Once installed, just enter your email and password and you'll get straight into your account. It has also been localised for French and German. There is a free trial with one project and five collaborators should you want to test it out.

frame io iphone FCPX 2


Emery and his team went right back to the drawing board for the iOS app. It has taken them eight months of development to get the app ready for release. They wanted to get 100% of the web app onto the iPhone. So expect all of the features you would expect:

  • Time based comments and video annotations so you can draw directly on video frames to accurately communicate your feedback.
  • Video transcoding in the cloud so you can upload any video format and never worry about playback compatibility. It'll just work.
  • Version control so you can see what your video looked like 1 version ago or 100 versions ago.

 You'll also get new features designed especially for the iPhone:

  • Comment Replay - loops a 4 second range around any comment so you can get a sense of what it means in context.
  • TouchScrub - just slide your finger over a thumbnail to preview.
  • 3D Touch Support with Peek and Pop
  • Touch ID for added security
  • Notifications

 frame io iphone FCPX 3


We asked Emery if you could upload with the app. The answer was resounding yes - You can upload from the Camera Roll, Dropbox, iCloud, Box and Google Drive. That got us thinking. Imagine scouting for a location for your next shoot. By uploading movies from the iPhone camera roll, all the contributors could give their feedback instantly. Clearly, the iOS app has more potential than just an edit review tool.

The app is only available for the iPhone, no mention of an iPad version, but it does seem a logical progression in the future. We also suggested to Emery about getting a notification on the phone when an upload had completed from Final Cut Pro X. 



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