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We get many questions on our Forum about how to remove flicker from footage in FCPX. Now a low cost plugin at $29 called De Flicker from Seed Digital Media hopes to fix those problems.

We have all had footage made unusable from flicker. It could be a frequency mismatch with the frame rate and lighting, or just drone props creeping into the frame. Whatever caused the problem, you can be guaranteed that the client insists on using the part that is affected the worst!

A new plugin called De Flicker from Seed Digital Media is priced at $29 and describes itself as being able to remove unwanted flicker from shots. 

“We worked with video editors around the world to test and design Seed De Flicker,” said developer George Edmondson. “This effect gives editors an easy to use plug-in to solve a very common video problem. Varying frame rates and resolutions were studied developing the software upgrade. Web seminars gave trial users input on the product features."

Just because it is inexpensive doesn't mean to say that it can't do the job. For example, we have used a very cheap noise reduction effect on green screen footage. It worked well and avoided a reshoot. We haven't used this one though, so we would be interested to hear from anybody who has experience from using this plugin.

(VR users note; On their website they have a free offset plugin for FCPX to move the viewpoint in VR)


There is also a tutorial which shows you how to use De Flicker incorporating masks and multiple instances of the plugin.