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Time for the last set of videos from the recent FCP Exchange event that was held during NAB 2016. Making the switch to FCPX, a new Mac based slomotion application and a great large scale use story.

The videos from FCP Exchange have proved to be popular and this last set will no doubt continue the trend. First of all a few thank-yous to those involved. Noah at FCPWORKS has done a great job in hosting the event again. Bill Davis has to be thanked for getting the presentations on to Vimeo and also Mark Spencer has made all the great graphics.


With all the smoke and mirrors used by other NLE companies to disguise the numerous problems behind their very high profile user stories, (there is a great article in there somewhere) it is good to listen to the actual people who do the hands on stuff with FCPX. 

One of these is Charlie Austin who's presentations are always worth watching. Not only are they rammed full of great info, he's also one of the most entertaining speakers as well. If you are trying to convince anybody why they should use FCPX, show them Charlie's demo.


Next up is Pierre Chevalier from Softron who demonstrates their new replay software for the Mac. EVS users beware!


Last, but not least, Ryan Velin & Mads Larsen talk about editing with FCPX at Metronome Productions. A great presentation from the guys and their enthusiasm about building their own network of Macs is a warning for all those people out there who think shared storage is difficult and expensive.


Let's all hope that the event happens again next year. Maybe situating the presentations in the show hall would help get more people switched on to FCPX.



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