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A new plugin from Idustrial Revolution called XEffects Messages enables Final Cut Pro X users to build SMS, iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp chats on the timeline. Auto-animating elements, lots of size and colour options and overlays available for the iPhone conversation look as well.

We must admit, more than once we have had to build a text message conversation in FCPX for a client to show a social media 'interaction' on a promo. It would have been a lot easier with this plugin!

This new plugin from Idustrial Revolution called XEffects Messages is a set of templates that build into an emulation of the popular types of chats or messages online or on your phone.

Priced at an introductory $49 (normal price $99) there's a set of templates that replicate SMS, iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp. 



As the messages are made up from individual items, each appearance of a message can be timed perfectly. You can also load as much text in as your screen will take and the vertical animations will automatically adjust with the height of the message box.

There are preset sizes for video and stills, but also a setting where you can set your own size and ratio. There is a sample Library & Project posted online so that users can see how to construct the different types of chat.

  • - Built in colour palettes of each of the message types or choose your own on every item.
  • - Enter as much text as the page will take. Justification helps keep the layout neat.
  • - Each message element scrolls the page automatically linked to the height.
  • - Video & photo messages have preset sizes, but can also be customised to any dimension and ratio.
  • - Your conversation can be as long as you like, animate each message when you like.
  • - Top and bottom bar status and icons supplied that adjust the vertical animation automatically.
  • - Pin sharp results even in 4K timelines.

One thing that isn't for sale though are the sounds. Due to copyright reasons they cannot be sold, although they are pretty easy to find for free with a Google search.

XEffects Messages is distributed through the FxFactory plugin management system which means there is a watermarked trial available, there's also a tutorial video.



We're aware that FB comments are in black and unreadable.
We are working on a fix!