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We always like to give new plugin developers a mention here on FCP.co. So after a bit of amateur detective work, we talked briefly to the man behind UsefulFX and the first plugin from him, Nostalgia.

Get into any conversation about Final Cut Pro X and it won't be long before the subject of the extensive 3rd party ecosystem comes up. Could the best indication of FCPX's growing popularity be the fact that it keeps attracting new dedicated plugin writers?

One of those is UsefulFX and the first product is called Nostalgia. Priced on promotion at $39 (normally $49) it's a collection of effects and filters that replicate old film and TV looks.


Having tracked down the developer down to the arrondissement, he very kindly sent us this:

"UsefulFX is proud to present it’s first offering, “Nostalgia”, a set of effects, transitions, and generators specifically for FCPX. As the name implies, these templates harken back to the lost fingerprints of old technologies. Ask your kids if they’ve even ever seen a vinyl record. (OK, we concede that Bad Plasma is rather current tech, but we really liked the effect).

Each template is entirely procedural, which makes it easy to customize the look and ensure you’re not repeating exactly the same glitches and flares each time you apply the template. All effects also have an elegant Amount slider to seamlessly animate in and out of the effect without having to Blade your clips. A bit tongue-in-cheek and playful, they’re a great way to add a bit of extra flavor into your projects.”


As Nostagia is part of the large collection of plugins available through FxFactory, (Now using the tagline "The App Store for Plugins' ) not only is there a free watermarked trial, there is also a tutorial as well.



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