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timecode window bug fcpx

Tim Moran was one of the first people to write to us having spotted the annoying display problem with timecode in FCPX and El Capitan. He's also found a fix, well sort of...

There are people who are very cautious about updating and there are people who hit the update button the moment the little red flag pops up on the App Store. We are somewhere in the middle!

Tim Moran, an old friend of FCP.co is a quick updater and it was his email back when El Capitan was released that led to the discovery of the timecode display problem.

This problem has annoyed so many users, there are now sticky posts on forums and Facebook groups telling people that it is a known issue and don't post a "Why is this happening to my timecode reader?" entry.

We have also had an update to El Capitan in the meantime and that hasn't fixed the issue either. 

So when Tim emailed us recently with this ingenious workaround to improve the timecode window, we thought we would have to share:


I know the bug is still there with the update , but I was trying to see if it would go away by control clicking.

timecode fcpx 1

When I did control click on the time code it gave me this option.

 timecode fcpx 2

timecode fcpx 3

Somehow I forgot that I installed Timecode from FxFactory!

timecode fcpx 4


The neat thing is you can resize it and do other things with it. So it might help some of us until they fix the bug!

timecode fcpx 5


Download FxFactory's free Big Timecode Window plugin for FCPX.


A big thank you to Tim. It might not be perfect, but it's certainly better!



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