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bioneers 2015 fcpx

Last year, we published an article from Mark Spencer on how Final Cut Pro X was used to edit the National Bioneers Conference. This year, he's edited a video together showing the workflow he used on the 2015 conference with some tips and tricks for editing long multicam shows.

We really enjoyed reading Mark Spencer's article last year here on FCP.co about editing the video coverage of the National Bioneers Conference. Real life examples of FCPX in action are an interesting read as there is always something to learn.

This year, Mark attended the conference again and rather than do a re-write of last year's article, he thought it would be good to narrate a screen recording of FCPX to go through the workflow.

The conference master is made up from a variety of feeds, a switched master, three camera isos and a graphics source. This ammounts to about a terabyte of media a day that has to be recorded on site and then taken to a hotel room where it is copied onto local drives for editing.

We will let Mark take up the story, but don't forget to take a look at the 2014 National Bioneers Conference article for more detail, photos and screenshots.