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slicex free fcpx

Christmas has come early for Final Cut Pro X editors. Coremelt has released a free version of its popular SliceX plugin for FCPX that applies masks to tracked objects.

SliceX is a great plugin it uses Mocha, an Academy Award winning planar tracking engine to allow masks to follow objects on screen. Normally priced at $99, now Roger Bolton from Coremelt has released a version that is completely free.

"We believe that every single editor should have the power of SliceX available, so now they do, have one on us!”. Although it is a limited version, it still can perform many commons tasks."

The free version is limited to tracking oval and rectangular shapes, but that offers a lot of power:

• blur a license plate or a log to hide it, or a persons face.

• color correct a tracked oval section, e.g. a face or other area of interest.

• remove unwanted objects from frame by cloning areas of the image.

• tracking a glow to a persons eyes.

We can see news companies having this installed on all machines as it will be a very quick way to obscure faces and number plates. No more step by step keyframing!

To download the plugin, you have to register on Coremelt's site, but that is a very small price to pay for a lot of plugin.