✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

friday freebies november 2015

It  might be Friday the 13th of November, but it is not all bad. Seeing as we haven't done one for a while, we thought we would do a round up the free products out there. This time is a smorgasbord of non-fcpx delights!


We start with a website we remembered triggered from a request online. This Laurel Leaves generator is perfect for glamming up your videos with all your film festival awards.

It takes about 20 seconds to make a laurel that's perfect for your Vimeo poster frame. Once it has won an award that is! Might have to tinker around with the background colour to overlay over video.

laurel leaf award generator


Two items we saw on the recent 'Free' week on Premiumbeat, the first is a very cool pack of sound effects for film trailer style edits. We especially like the 'slams' in this free pack of 20 sound effects. Seeing as they normally retail for about $3 each, well worth downloading on to your FX hard drive for future use.

More information and the download link on here: Trailer Construction Lite.



In a similar vein to the Laurel generator, Premium Beat are also offering a free Photoshop file and fonts to make a trailer rating screen and movie posters.

More information and the download files here.



Good at design but lousy at making up a good looking colour palette? No problem, there is a web tool that will allow you to select colours & shades that work well with each other.

Head over to Paletton, design your own colour scheme and then export the Hex codes. Wouldn't it be great if Apple turned this idea into a generator for Motion?

 paletton colour scheme


font validation error

Not as glamorous as colours or sound effects, the Motion template designer Fox Mahoney found a handy way to fix validation errors with fonts on a Mac.  By following the steps outlined here Fox reckons you will reduce crashes with Motion.


davinci resolve 12 update

Lastly, we should mention that Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve 12 has just had an update to 12.0.1. We are slightly confused as the update appeared on the Mac App Store after we had installed 12 from the Blackmagic site. No new functions this time, just a performance and stability update.