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alex4d animation transitions plugin fcpx

After three years of constant prodding from us here at FCP.co, Alex Gollner has finally launched his first pack of commercial plugins for FCPX. Packed full with 120 different effects, he's been busy!

Well known for his free Final Cut Pro X plugins, Alex has crossed the threshold and produced his first commercial pack of FCPX plugins. 

Called Animation Transitions, this bumper pack of 120 plugins is currently on sale at $39, down from the normal price of $49.

The set of plugins animate a picture in or out by moves, spinning, scaling and fading, possibly all at the same time! You can adjust timing, the axis of rotation and even the springiness.

The numerous plugins look very flexible, good job Alex has published probably the most detailed 32 page set of PDF instructions you will see for a pack of FCPX plugins!

Alex has made a couple of demo videos.




The plugins are published via the FxFactory plugin management system, so there is a watermarked free trial available. And of course there is a tutorial video as well.



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