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walter-murch 2015 part2

We return to the second half of Rick Young's interview with Walter Murch. The first video was hugely popular so we sat down with excitement to watch his thoughts on 4K and more.

The first half of Walter's interview proved to be popular and FCP.co was the leading Vimeo embedder by a factor of at least three. He's an engaging speaker and it is always good to hear his perspective on filmmaking, especially editing.

In the second half of Rick's interview, he moves on from editing and NLEs and talks about larger formats, 4K and repositioning the media in the frame.

Again, many thanks to Walter for taking part and to Rick Young from MovieMachine for filming, editing and publishing the video. Let's hope that by the time Rick catches up with Walter for the next interview, he might have cut his first job on Final Cut Pro X. That is an interview we would really like to see!

Rick adds: 'Listen out at the end of the interview for the fantastic recollection where Walter describes having worked with both Marlon Brando and Francis Ford Coppola!'




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