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osm iphone fcpx plugin

We always like to feature newcomers to the FCPX ecosystem and this one looks cool and a lot of fun. A $49 plugin featuring a fully adjustable animating 3D model of an iPhone 6S in Final Cut Pro X.

The superb implementation of 3D text in FCPX gives us an indication of the power available, but at the moment text or items made up from glyphs is all you will get.

There have been a couple of implementations of 3D model iPhone plugins before, one a bit clunky driven by a custom GUI and the other just doesn't look right at all, the wrong aspect ratio and very shabby edges close up.

This new $49 plugin from OSM called iPhone not only looks right, but is has a very easy way of animating the iPhone 6S in 3D space.



We can see two great uses for this plugin. If you need to show a company website on a mobile device in an animated way or if you are a developer and want to show your latest iOS app running on a iPhone. That's just two off the top of our head and we are sure there will be many many more.

As the plugin is distributed via the FxFactory plugin management system, not only is there a free watermarked trial, but there is also a tutorial to accompany the plugin.




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