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Wes Plate from Automatic Duck presented his new product Ximport AE at the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group. Wes showed the audience how to get FCPX timelines into After Effects and also recounts some great NLE history. Well worth a watch with your morning latte for half an hour!

We actually think that Wes' video is worth a watch just for his look back through history of the the NLE editions and how his 'weekend project' grew into something a lot larger. We didn't know that Automatic Duck was the first company to use XML which was first introduced in Final Cut Pro 4.1. 

Good to see Wes back in the ecosystem with new products after taking a break after his stint at Adobe. We did chuckle when he talked about getting over the hump of learning how to use Final Cut Pro X.

As Wes started to like FCPX, he needed a way to get those layers into his favourite graphics program, After Effects. One solution, a free product didn't actually do the job so Wes and his father decided to team up again and write their own.

Attendees to this summer's FCPX Creative Summit got a first hand sneak peak at the new tool. We have to say that after watching the demo we are very impressed at the fidelity in the translation. 

Automatic Duck Ximport AE is available through Red Giant for $199 or $99 for an Academic licence. There is a free 14 day trial too.


A big thank you to Wes for a very informative and entertaining half an hour. Not forgetting Michael Horton who hosts the LACPUG meetings and makes the videos available online. 




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