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macbook retina FCPX

A really quick post & video, but an interesting one. Just how well does Final Cut Pro X run on the new 12" MacBook Retina?

Matthew Pearce sent us a link to his video looking at FCPX running on the new 12" Macbook Retina.  If you have to travel & edit where space and weight are very important, then this could be of interest. (Hopefully more on that with a very interesting future FCPX user story) As Matthew suggests, if you do a lot of editing then this might not be the machine for you. With a 2304x1440 resolution, you will be able to see 1080 in full resolution in the FCPX GUI which really does give it potential.

The two tests he mentions are posted below. It will be interesting to see how these perform on other beefier models.

3 minute 1080p TLD export project http://bit.ly/1R3jZLb

4k 3d Text Test http://bit.ly/1GNpjZ4

As much as we like the look and 'portability' of the new model, one thing that has struck us is the limitation of the USB-C. Not the limitation of the connector (as we now know this will be the new Thunderbolt connector) but the fact that it has only one. One that has to be used for charging as well! 

If you are on the road, you will probably have to connect a card reader and external storage at the same time. So that means you will either have to carry a hub around with you or make sure that all peripherals have a pass-through port. This USB-C hub looks interesting although it is not shipping yet.

We still want one though, especially in the space grey!




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