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freeeffectfriday 22 05 2015

If there is one request we hear over and over again at FCP.co towers, it's "Please bring back Free Effect Friday." So we thought why not! A bunch of free Final Cut Pro X plugins for you to download.

You asked, we listened and gave in. Not too sure we can manage it every week, but we will do our best to highlight the new free plugins for FCPX.

First up, we will mention it again. If you haven't download FxFactory's Timecode plugin that displays a large timecode reader window that floats over FCPX, then do so. You have to have FxFactory installed, but that doesn't cost.

Next is a free set of plugins called XEffects 3D Text Wraps, these allow you to wrap any image around 3D text in FCPX. Idustrial Revolution has taken the 8 built-in 3D Titles and added a drop zone to each along with publishing the XYZ position and rotation controls. This means that you can position the middle point of any of the animations where you want from the Inspector. Or indeed keyframe a move. 

A lot of functionality (A lot supplied by Apple!) for free.


A simple idea, but one that can help with composing or reframing a shot. Phil on our Forum has made a 'Rule of Thirds' overlay 

rule of thirdsl


Also on our Forum, regular contributor Karsten Schlüter has uploaded a plugin called makeitstraight that helps to align crooked pictures. The example he uses are the lines on a football pitch.

Makeitstaright FCPX Plugin


Staying on the soccer theme, he has also uploaded a plug that performs a callout on screen with an attached line and text. Called CallOut DotLineDot Karsten uses it for identifying players. Why not click him a thank you if end up using any of his (or indeed any other author's) plugins.

Final Cut Pro X Callout


Fox Mahoney has been busy building effect and templates, in fact he is always busy building effects and templates! You can download this denim style lower third for FCPX. It is called Denim Casual LT.


Although this isn't published for FCPX, we thought Fox's Lightsabre was too good to not post.


Although this isn't published for FCPX, we thought Fox's Lightsabre was too good to not post.



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