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kevin bailey fcpx shot notes LACPUG

We all know about the workflow used on the feature film Focus. But what about the directors' next film that they are working on? Kevin Bailey gives an insight into how the Hollywood feature film Fun House is organising its footage in FCPX.

Focus was a milestone in Final Cut Pro X's life. We documented the workflow in two in-depth articles right here on FCP.co

How the Hollywood feature film Focus was edited on Final Cut Pro X Part One

How the Hollywood feature film Focus was edited on Final Cut Pro X Part Two


So with the success of Focus behind them, directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa set out to make their next film, Fun House on FCPX.

At the latest meeting of the LACPUG in Los Angeles, the First Assistant Editor on Fun House Kevin Bailey gave a short but informative demo of the workflow the team are using on the film. What we found interesting is this is the first time we have heard of Filemaker Pro being incorporated into an FCPX workflow.

No doubt we will hear much more about the post production of Fun House in the future. Kevin is also the developer of Shot Notes X.

Many thanks to Michael Horton again for publishing the video, we really do hope he gets his new projector installed soon.