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fcpx 10 2 bugs

As much as we love the 10.2 update to Final Cut Pro X, it isn't perfect. The new additions such as the 3D Text titles are lovely, but the update also brought a range of bugs. Here a a few of the annoying ones!

We thought it was worth writing down the ones we have come across, just in case other editors experience the same problems and wonder if it is them or their system. Apple brought out a quick bug fix within a month of 10.1 being released, so hopefully we might see an update with 10.2.1 very soon.

The first bug is cosmetic, the timeline has 'compressed' sections of the edit at various places. We noticed this occur the moment we updated to 10.2 on some large multicam sequences. Having spent half an hour this morning trying to recreate the problem for a screengrab, we couldn't get an example to show itself! 

We will have to use the example Thomas Grove Carter published on a FCPX Facebook page:

TGC Track drawing issue


We have managed to reproduce the problem. Looks like it occurs when you have expanded the audio or have a connected audio clip.

fcpx 10 2 bugs 2

It may be cosmetic, but it is still a bug that needs fixing.

More serious is a problem when applying a plugin to a clip that isn't on the secondary storyline. 10.2 introduced a rather nasty bug where the runtime isn't passed onto the plugin and thus the plugin won't change its state. This only applies to plugins that are coded or made with a third party application such as Quartz Composer. Motion templates should run fine.

Some plugins have the ability to be keyframed manually which will get around this issue. Again, a quick fix would be good.

Another plugin bug (although it might be related to the above) was reported by Neat Video. FCPX 10.2 caused their noise reduction plugin to show and render black. To fix this, download the latest version from the Neat Video website. We are not too sure if a problem project will be automatically fixed or if you will have to apply an instance of the new plugin to each clip.

We have to thank Forum member Damian Grady for pointing out this Draw Mask oddity. 

"If I scale a clip and move it in X and Y (or just x or y) and then apply the Draw Mask effect, once I complete the loop of points, the position transforms reset to zero.
So, basically, I can only use this effect on unscaled, unmoved clips. That can't be right!"

With so many codes around these days, it is hard to test every one out in every situation. Apple has announced it is aware of a problem with AVCHD. Read more on the white paper Resolving Black Frames Issues with Panasonic AVCHD and Final Cut Pro X 10.2.

Lastly is the odd problem of XAVC L import which we mentioned shortly after 10.2 was released. We know that it is still annoying Sony FS7 users out there. Apple hopefully will use the next update to fix this problem and maybe extend the import compatibility to other new cameras codecs.

We will be keeping a keen eye out on the App Store icon in our dock for an update. In the meantime, if you have spotted any other bugs in 10.2, then please report them to Apple on their Feedback Form. This is the best way to report faults to the FCPX team.