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Alex Snelling has just published a free eBook that compares editing with Final Cut Pro 7 on an old Mac Pro to FCPX on a new Mac Pro. So when somebody says to you why should they use FCPX rather than Final Cut Pro X, you now have a whole book of answers and statistics to quote them.  

We are really pleased that Alex has taken the time to do these tests. We always knew the FCPX/New Mac Pro combination would be faster, now we have some hard facts and figures. We especially like the side-by-side waveform creation race movie which as readers will know, has disappointed us in previous versions of FCPX.

We will let Alex explain why he put the two systems head to head:


I am a huge advocate of Final Cut Pro X on my shiny new Mac Pro but I get paid for informed advice not evangelism, so when a major client asked me for reasons to upgrade, I realised I had nothing really solid to show them. We agreed I would make a detailed study of two systems; Final Cut Pro 7 on a Mac Pro tower (their current system) and Final Cut Pro X on a new Mac Pro.

When I finished the tests and presented the results to the client, I realised I had a lot of data that hadn’t ever been seen or presented in this way and really thought it would be of interest to a wider audience. So I produced an eBook with video (replacing client media with my own) and documenting my findings.

There’s some interesting stuff here and some is very surprising in terms of scale. When you consider that doing something twice as fast is really good, suddenly 8x speed (or much more) is really very impressive. For those of us who have already upgraded, this is like a short history lesson, for those who haven’t, then it is a gateway to the future.

The whole book is free to download here:

Comparing Final Cut Pro on a Mac Pro

There are six films in the book with side-by-side screen recordings comparing the two systems.

 FCPX PUB-Screenshot001


There are also loads of charts to show the results, some of which are revealing to say the least.

FCPX PUB-Screenshot002


It should be an easy read for anyone with an interest in this subject and hopefully really useful to anyone in charge of post production planning, strategy or budgets, particularly if they are looking at the upgrade process and need to see something more tangible than benchmark scenarios.

FCPX PUB-Screenshot003


This process has taken me way way longer than I intended but the upside is that I am now an expert in iBooksAuthor as well as Final Cut Pro X! Hopefully editors will find the films fascinating - I know I did making them.


Alex Snelling