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PreNAB Editors lounge panel

You know that NAB is only a couple of days away when the Editors Lounge videos get published. Some great industry news and opinions in the videos, but don't shout at the screen as we did!

Every year just before the NAB show, the Editors Lounge gathers together some leading industry editors and technical people for a discussion panel. Hosted by Debra Kaufman at Key Code Media in Burbank, they give an interesting insight into what's happening now and the future trends in TV and film.

We will publish the two Vimeo videos and let you take a watch. We will have some pretty strong opinions afterwards. (Listen out for a friendly heckle from Philip Hodgetts!)

Part one is the panel chat, part two is a Q&A session.




We have to thank Philip Hodgetts for chiming in when he did as we think this panel is completely unaware of the FCPX steam train that is heading directly towards their business. Last year Mark Raudonis admitted that he thought that Final Cut Pro X would eventually be the NLE winner in long term, interesting this year how the panel all agree that Premiere will fill the FCP7 void.

The problem with that though is that the business isn't where FCP7 used to be anymore.

Rant over.