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FiltrCutPro fcpx banner

Normally a company that sells, well, a lot of light leaks, Light Leak Love has launched a pack of 12 instagram style filters for Final Cut Pro X. Called FiltrCutPro they are available for half price for today only, Friday the 10th of April 2015.

The FCPX ecosystem expands again with this new pack of filters. Each of the 12 filters has a different retro style or look and can be customised to suit as they feature adjustable parameters such as vignettes, light leaks, frames and custom text.

Priced at $49 normally, FiltrCutPro is available for half price for Friday the 10th of April 2015 only.



Yes we have seen many looks and retro packages for FCPX, but at the reduced price, these plugins are cheaper than the low cost limited functionality products that some companies seem to be pumping out every day.


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