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focus tease

So the NDAs have been lifted and Apple has published an 'In Action' case study about Focus. We have been working behind the scenes too and have a couple of articles to publish very shortly. We dig deep into the reasons for using FCPX, the workflow and the benefits.

Over the last 12 hours, it has been pretty hard not to have come across the article from Apple about the studio feature Focus starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie.


USA today has also run a (very) short article about the film.



But what about a bit more detail on Focus? How did the directors and editor manage to convince Warner Bros to ok the editing of the film on FCPX? Why did the directors and editor want to edit on FCPX? How did the editor set up the Libraries, Events and Projects?

Over the last three months we have had access to Glenn Ficarra and John Requa the directors, Jan Kovac the editor, Mike Matzdorff the assistant editor and workflow specialist Sam Mestman.

We will be publishing two articles that go much deeper into the production of Focus, as (just like you) we were very curious to know more detail about how Focus was made.

So standby, two great articles coming soon!