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dubai flow motion

Standby for three minutes of incredible video. Rob Whitworth takes hyperlapses to a new level (quite literally) in this not to be missed Vimeo video. 

Watchtower of Turkey was fantastic and we thought it would be a while before we saw a video that would come close to it. Well just take a look at this:


A truly amazing piece of work, we are in awe at the amount of time and effort that went into the planning alone! Rob Whitworth has a very unique & creative style when it comes to shooting & editing timelapses and hyperlapses. A lot of talent and that shows in the final result.

We have done a bit of Googling and found that there are are couple of photography sites (Fstoppers & Petapixel) that have brief descriptions of how it was shot and some behind the scenes photos. We also found an article where Rob said that he used Final Cut Pro and Motion to edit his previous sequences. Sensing a fabulous FCP user story, we have put out an email to Rob and hope he can tell us more about how he constructed Dubai Flow Motion. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

In the meantime, there are a couple of other videos from Rob to embed. 

An extended version of the airport baggage scene, from plane arrival to luggage cart in 4K. Make sure you watch in 4K full screen - the thumbnail doesn't do the video justice.


And also the creek scene in full, the original of this is 13500px (13.5K) across however the video is in 4K.



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