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virtual user group FCPX 3

It got moved to a new time to help us on this side of the pond, but still some people managed to miss it! Good job Pixel Corps has published the whole two hours online.

First of all, a big thank you to the powers in Petaluma for bringing the show forward in the day so us Europeans had a chance of watching it and getting some sleep. It was appreciated and we hope that the extra live input from us over here makes this a permanent retiming.

In this third production of the Virtual Final Cut Pro X User Group, the regulars Alex Lindsay, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer get joined this time by a returning Mike Matzdorff, Sam Mestman and first timer Bill Davis.

2 hours of great chat filled with tips and examples and well worth a watch for all FCPX users out there. Especially the bit when Bill shows of a rather nicely laid out screen grab of a large library :)

 If you would like to click on a question and the video to follow to that point, watch the two hours on this page.



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