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Google can be a very clever tool, especially when it comes to comparing statistics. We wanted to find out which non linear editor got the most web and YouTube searches.

When running a website, Google is your friend. It supplies a raft of analytical information designed to help you tune the performance of your site and work out where your traffic originates from. It's also got some excellent tools for comparing search keywords. 

We thought we would enter five NLEs from different software companies and see how they compared. We started off with a comparison of data from YouTube, which just happens to be the second biggest search engine.

It is easy to spot the spike in the FCPX line when it was first released. Avid just bumps along at more or less the same, but Adobe Premiere shows a constant growth. Both Lightworks and DaVinci Resolve show growth, but on a much smaller scale. FCP wins on the interest over time.

 nle google trends youtube

Digging a bit deeper, it was interesting to find out where the majority of YouTube searches had originated for Premiere and FCP.

 nle google trends youtube 4


Who would have thought that Premiere would be so popular in Russia, Ukraine and India? We'll let you do the Sherlock Homes work on that one, but all that we will say is that FCP.co's web stats put the US at the top, followed by the UK then Germany, Canada and Norway.

So what about actual webs searches?

 nle google trends youtube 5

These graphs are even more interesting as they show a decline in the searches for Avid, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro and a small increase for Lightworks and DaVinci Resolve.

Out of the big three, Avid is ahead of Final Cut Pro, which itself is ahead of Adobe Premiere. Again, FCPX's release date is clearly visible as a cople of spikes on the graph, however Avid wins the interest over time. Adobe Premiere's biggest search traffic sources were (in order) Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan (Nice!).

So what was the point of all this? Philip Hodgetts recently tried to voice his opinion on a survey that said Avid Media Composer remained the most popular editing system in production. As you can read from his blog post, he got banned for suggesting that the survey was not entirely fair. 

Trying to get a handle on the exact amount of users of each NLE is impossible, but we hope the graphs prove that it is certainly not a one horse race. If we had to, we would bet the ranch on FCP7 still being the most used NLE out there. The above results also suggest to us that there are some very good stud farms in the former Soviet Union and that we should set up the Armenian Premiere Pro User Group immediately!

We are not statisticians (you could probably tell,) so we would welcome anybody with more information or better analysis tools to help shed a little extra light on who's using what NLE and where.



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