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We post many articles about equipment and tutorials, so it's nice to sit back and watch a long video that concentrates on the actual art of editing. Norman Hollyn and Larry Jordan dive deep into the craft.

At the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, Larry Jordan and Norman Hollyn sat together to talk about the actual process of editing. Forget which button to press when, they talk about building the structure of a scene, what should happen when and in what order the shots should go in.

Larry Jordan needs no introduction, he has produced many tutorials on editing, from Final Cut's early beginnings, right up to date with Final Cut Pro X. Norman Hollyn was recently the first person to be awarded the Endowed Chair in Editing setup by Steven Spielberg at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. They also team up again on the 2 Reel Guys set of tutorial podcasts, which is an excellent resource for filmmakers if you haven't been there already.

The two books that are referred to in the video are both available from Amazon. (Although not yet delivered via a quadcopter!)

Back to the video and we must thank Michael Horton for publishing this great talk online. As he says in the video's description 'This information is probably worth $5,000.00 and we're giving it away so don't miss it!'




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