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4 types people fcpx

At FCP.co we don't really get into slanging wars about which NLE is better, but a recent post got our blood boiling. Rather than pick apart the article piece by piece, we thought we would take a wider look at the matter. We have arrived at the conclusion that there are four kinds of people when it comes to Final Cut Pro X.

Yes, four kinds. You would have thought that there would be only two: Those who use it and those who don't. No, it's a lot more complicated than that.

Let us start off by posting that little article: Final Cut Pro X Limps Along. Should you wish to post a comment on their site, go ahead. We think it's a badly written piece, headlined with linkbait designed to attract traffic and thus business. Quoting a website which is known for its constant FCPX bashing doesn't give the article any extra weight.

A line in the last paragraph sums it all up  'No matter which editing software you need, XYZ Rentals has the latest PC, Mac computer rental to get your project done."  I'm sure they would be more than happy to supply 50 new Mac Pros with FCPX, should you ask them.

And that is where the real problem lies. Commercial interests. Anybody reading this site will know that we like to publish the news about Final Cut Pro X. It's what we do and we don't hide the fact. We fall into the first category of people who write, comment or Tweet about FCPX, but we were definitely a '2' when it was released!


4 types people fcpx logo1) THE PEOPLE WHO GET IT

They have put the hard work into FCPX. It is true to say that there is a 'learning wall' with the NLE, not a curve, but they have got over it and can see FCPX's full potential. Just take a look at some of the great user stories on this site to see how FCPX works well in different production environments.

You will see these people on social media helping out other users. Of course, there are a lot of happy FCPX editors out there who just get on editing and manage to spend the whole day without venturing on to Facebook or Twitter!


4 types people fcpx logo2) THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO GET IT

These are the people who want to use the app, but are finding it difficult to get over that wall. A good example is The FCPX Man Diary. A lot of angst occurs as editors open up the program thinking that they can busk it. After all, it's only a piece of software isn't it? No, they fail because the way FCPX works is so radically different from any other NLE out there, they need help and tutorials. Although it has been a long time since we opened up Edius, we bet we could still bash out a piece in a day. That would be a lot, lot harder for the FCPX virgin.

You will see these people on social media and forums asking how to do something.


4 types people fcpx logo3) THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T GET IT

These are the people who have opened up FCPX, given it one look and shut it down again. Why should they be forced to learn another NLE? Adobe has very cleverly targeted this group by offering them an easy transition to FCP8 Premiere. They are also the group who have a very rude awakening around the corner. FCPX is alive and well. Imagine going out to work on a competing NLE, only to come back home to find your thirteen year old son has done more on FCPX since he's returned from school than you've managed to complete in a day. 

You will see these people on social media knocking FCPX, mostly out of ignorance. They also have absorbed every bit of bad news about FCPX they can find to justify themselves for not having to learn the app. 

They will however, end up using FCPX in the future due to commercial pressure and the fact that new code means that it's perfectly capable of 4K stress and beyond. And that's the way we are all headed. Expect more 'I hated FCPX at first but now I love it" articles!


4 types people fcpx logo4) THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO GET IT

It took us a while to realise that there are editors and companies out there who have commercial interests that could be damaged by the wide take up of FCPX in the industry. Maybe they have a large installed base of another NLE, maybe they have a comfy training and tutorial contract with another NLE company, maybe their products won't work with FCPX. The bottom line for them is less money the more copies of FCPX that get sold.

For whatever the reason, they take the opportunity to slam FCPX at any moment they can. Even the most slimmest of an FCPX problem gets instantly retweeted. We wonder, if they are so happy with a competing NLE, why do they take time to rubbish FCPX? It was very telling when the news came out about Adobe being hacked for over a 150 million of its users accounts and passwords, how silent some people became. If the same had happened to Apple...


So there you go, nothing scientific, but a quickly put together explanation of how we see people's different attitudes towards FCPX. We feel a lot calmer. What number are you?