In this Final Cut Pro Tutorial, I show you how you can easily create the animated coming up element that we see in videos from Dude Perfect without any plugins required.


This animation where the image presents itself and the title of the coming up comes from the top, is a very nice element that you can use in your videos to keep the audience retention and show to your viewers what is coming next.

A technique that is used a lot of time by popular youtubers to keep their audience watching their videos for bigger periods of time. Final Cut Pro might not have the tools and the options that other programs have when it comes to video animation like Motion or After Effects but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have some magical workarounds to create animations.




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Emilio Takas is a multifaceted digital creative and content creator who has been in love with videos, photos and music his whole life.

With his easy-to-understand and follow Final Cut Pro tutorials, real life reviews and creative short-films, his goal is to help the viewers of his self-title youtube channel create better videos.

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