Szymon Masiak from MotionVFX is stepping down from running the company, the new management will continue to push for the best quality MotionVFX is known for.


Mid-December 2020, MotionVFX, a top vendor of FCP assets for video editors and content creators for over a decade, changed ownership. Szymon ‘Simon’ Masiak, the company’s founder and CEO, decided the time had come for him to step down from the daily operations and find a long-term partner to support the ambitious plans for MotionVFX.

He chose Andrzej ‘Andrew’ Basiukiewicz and Wojciech ‘Voytec’ Korpal to come on board as the new co-CEOs. The duo brings along a group of over 20 international private and institutional investors to back the transaction and support the growth of MotionVFX. That group of investors, coming mainly from the USA, Germany, France, Poland and Spain, now holds a majority stake in the company, while Szymon remains the single largest individual investor.

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Andrzej and Wojciech, who are long-time university friends, bring to the table their vast experience gathered while working for large organizations in the UK, Poland and the Middle East. They had been preparing to run the company for a long time: they spent the last six months of 2020 learning the products, understanding the market, and working closely with Szymon to ensure a smooth transition.

Even though Szymon stepped down as CEO, he remains involved in crucial aspects of the company’s activity. He joined the newly formed Board, together with two experienced representatives of the investor group: Blake Winchell and George Jankovic. Blake Winchell is a California-based entrepreneur, investor and acclaimed university lecturer with over 35 years of experience in private equity and venture capital. George Jankovic is an entrepreneur and investor from the USA who built and grew several businesses, most notably the publicly listed NutriSystem Inc., which he led as President & COO and expanded over tenfold.

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What does all this mean for MotionVFX? These changes mainly affect the daily operations and are aimed at general growth. Co-CEO Andrzej Basiukiewicz assures that the firm keeps its high pace and focus on the FCP market, but also has a vision of expanding their activity in many different fields. MotionVFX is building out all departments of its creative crew: software developers, motion designers and other specialists are sought. You can see the [current openings, both on-site and remote, on the company’s website.

The recent developments at MotionVFX coincided with Apple’s transition to Silicon chips. “We are hard at work creating a fully native Apple Silicon experience for all of our products. Our developers have already converted over 150 products,” says co-CEO Wojciech Korpal. “We’re thrilled to take full advantage of the new hardware architecture and we have completely new exciting products planned for 2021 as well. We want to keep delivering the best possible plugins, templates and compositing elements to facilitate and enhance your work, whether you are editing your first video, working on content for social media channels, or delivering world-class projects for TV & cinema.”

Lastly, we want to ensure you that the great MotionVFX creative team of Developers, Graphic Designers, Video Specialists, and the Support Crew stay onboard and unchanged.


P.S. Szymon can be found on Instagram @leica_simon 



Co-CEO of MotionVFX

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Gerry Fraiberg's Avatar
Gerry Fraiberg replied the topic: #113870 09 Apr 2021 17:11
I get Error 404 when trying to connect to current openings - www.motionvfx.com/join-us.htm
peteramwiggins's Avatar
peteramwiggins replied the topic: #113871 09 Apr 2021 17:16
It had an l missing from the end, try again
JoeEditor's Avatar
JoeEditor replied the topic: #113886 10 Apr 2021 14:29
We started to use their templates, but found them either too limited or way too taxing on our systems.  The plugins are neat in theory, but like mTracker3D, overly complicated to learn and use in fast turnaround broadcast.  Then there's the high price tags.  TV station refuses to authorize purchases from them any more, and I can't afford the stuff on my own.  The new owners say they're going to branch out.  I assume into Resolve and PPro plugins and templates, where the real money is.  Can't blame them.  FCP just isn't getting the tracking it should in the market place.  Yes, it is there, but not in the way PPro has firmly established itself.  I hope they have great success in the future.  I will be interested watching how they evolve.
jim@jimcutler.com's Avatar
jim@jimcutler.com replied the topic: #113945 13 Apr 2021 23:35
MY experiece with all the plugin companies is that motionVFX's offerings in genral are on the reliable side of the fence. While all companies have become better at making quality plugins recently, I'm usually pretty confident with the motionVFX stuff. I do buy from everyone when I need something.
JoeEditor's Avatar
JoeEditor replied the topic: #113963 14 Apr 2021 12:16
I'd personally argue the "reliable" statement. But that's just my personal experience. I've spent a lot of time with their tech support for a variety of issues, and it's really slow support at that.
jim@jimcutler.com's Avatar
jim@jimcutler.com replied the topic: #113970 14 Apr 2021 17:52
Bummer Ben. The fun of plug-in land. I try to do as much as I can without plugins out of practicality. The joy of using one heavily on a project, then in two years when a revision is needed it's no longer compatible with a future OSX. And then many poorer selling plugins (the one you used) get retired and won't work on Apple Silicon. I'm really looking forward to that. Not. Hope you're well and have a good week. Happy editing.