Something a bit different to the average template or bunch of title plugins that seem to get released daily. Coremelt has updated their PaintX plugin for Final Cut Pro X with two new features. There's also a 25% off coupon code as well.

Roger Bolton from Coremelt was the first developer to build the capabilities of the Mocha tracker into Final Cut Pro X plugins. You may be aware (or indeed use) his popular TrackX and SliceX plugins that enable the user to add or mask elements on a moving scene.

He's just announced an update to PaintX, a plugin that allows the painting out of detail, the addition of digital makeup or just the ability to fix things such as obscuring a logo.

Roger has given FCP.co readers a special 25% off code PNTX25FCPCO which is valid for one week, ending 24th June 2019.

The first new feature in the update is a Shrink/Expand tool.

This tracking tool allows the editor to expand or shrink an area of pixels. This is similar to the distort feature, but instead of moving the pixels in one direction, it will enlarge or shrink the pixels in the selected area.

The second new feature is a frame by frame mode. This allows the user to paint single frames instead of the paint effect lasting the entire clip.

Roger's not finished there either, he explains:

A future version will have full keyframing capabilities including the ability to animate the draw on or draw off of a brush stroke or animate a partial stroke along it's drawn path. No estimate on when but we're going to make it happen.

To give you another hint of the future of PaintX, I think it could be very interesting to make some tools to create custom transition in PaintX just by drawing mask strokes in areas of the frame to protect what transitions first or last. We have some other ideas as well but I have to keep some things secret ! Anyway users can expect a lot more to come for PaintX.

There is a two week watermark free trial for you to test PaintX out. If you like it, don't forget that 25% off coupon code!



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