A 54 minute film made from another person's YouTube channel? How could this be possible? First of all you have to find a channel with lots of content, then you use the power of keyword ranges in Final Cut Pro X.

A fabulous FCPX user story, but one with a twist. Instead of shooting footage, the director used videos from a stranger's YouTube channel. Gary Arnold had posted over 100 hours of family videos which proved a rich source of material.  Could a story really be knitted out of a third party's YouTube content? (Original videos have been removed)

Take a look at the movie's billing:

A family's home movies document a desperate crime spree and a bid to outrun the consequences…Or do they? In this meta-fiction thriller, an average family’s youtube videos have been edited to resemble something quite different. An extraordinary feat of editing, a provocative parable of the pursuit of happiness, and a disturbing demonstration of the mutability of the stories we share in the Internet age, FRAUD defies simplistic definition. 

Not only did director Dean Fleischer-Camp manage the task of 'repurposing' all the home videos, he knitted it into a story that has won accolades at film festivals around the world. Fraud is now available to watch online.

For us, probably more exciting is the video below where the construction of a scene is featured. Of course, keyword ranges feature heavily here with the quick access that FCPX allows to footage. 


Pretty amazing, a great advertisement for the power of Final Cut Pro X and of course a film that is going on our watch list.

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