Getting information over to the viewer in a stylish way can be difficult. Quote Pop from Stupid Raisins is a set of plugins for Final Cut Pro X that displays quotations as professionally designed animated titles. There's also a $10 off offer available!

Good typography is hard to do. Viewers are being bombarded with video and advertisements every waking hour and these have been painstaking designed by advertising agencies down to the placement of the last pixel.

So many times just using the stock titles and adding your own text ends up with text that doesn't look right. It might have all the information, but it lacks the design and layout.

Quote Pop is a pack of 32 templates from Stupid Raisins that gives the editor instant access to good looking text titles in Final Cut Pro X. 

Normally priced at $59, they are on offer with $10 off until the the 19th of July 2018 at $49 

Dylan from Stupid Raisins explains:

Quote Pop is created specifically for Final Cut Pro X. With this elite tool, you don't have to be a graphic design genius to make your videos look great. All it takes is a few easy operations. Once you have decided upon the text and template you would like to use for your video, you will need to choose a theme to make your video perfect.

Pick between simple, modern, and vintage to create the best look for your video. Then, once your quote is on the screen you will easily be able to rotate, scale to size, and change the color of your quote with a few simple clicks. Also incorporated into Quote Pop is the ability to use drop shadow and add professional design animation.

As the plugins are installed through the FxFactory application, there is a free watermarked trial. They have also produced a tutorial video that shows Quote Pop working within FCPX.

Want to know more about getting text to look right in FCPX? Check out the article below.

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