When the first Graphically Enhanced Manual (or GEM) for Final Cut Pro X was released, it proved to be an ideal learning tool for the new NLE. Now the author, Edgar Rothermich has updated the manual again for FCPX 10.4 (10.4.2 to be accurate!)

Learning a new piece of software can be tricky, especially something like FCPX if you come from a world where you are used to the horrors of track patching, double clicking to view video, things going out of sync and other 1990 NLE nasties.

So that's why a book like Final Cut Pro X 10.4 - How it Works from Edgar Rothermich can be so useful. Priced at $16, the book is a 470 paged 'Graphically Enhanced Manual' PDF with hundreds and hundreds of annotated screengrabs rather than long boring text that nobody wants to have to slog through.  

We flipped through a copy this morning and have to say, even for a seasoned editor who is very familiar with FCPX, this is a great resource. Edgar has spent a lot of time going through each function in FCPX and documenting the options.

We also like the introduction to the manual as he gives one of the best descriptions we have seen of how the magnetic timeline works. There's also a very comprehensive look at how the MacBook Pro touchbar works with FCPX. 

If you use FCPX, just buy it!

  • Up-to-date: Not only is this book the first one available for Final Cut Pro version 10.4, it covers most recent release of v10.4.2.
  • New Features: The new book "Final Cut Pro X 10.4 - How it Works" has 30 additional pages covering all the new features in this software upgrade like Captions, 360° Video, and Color Inspector.
  • Updated Features: There are many changes in the 10.4 software like Color Balance and Roles Export yhat are updated in the book.
  • Additional Markup: Additional text format to mark important terminology, click actions, and text labels and commands. This makes the book even more "graphically enhanced" and easy to learn.
  • Facelift: The book has a little bit of a facelift with new headers to make it look a little nicer.
  • Free Update: customers who bought the pdf version of the previous book "Final Cut Pro 10.3 - How it Works"

28th June 2018 The book is now available on the Apple iBooks Store:

The iBook has the same content as the pdf file with lots of interactive features and an additional 400+ term Glossary )with graphics) that is hyperlinked throughout the book.

Tap on a link and a window pops up as an overlay with the content of the Glossary entry. This makes this format the best way learn an app.

iBooks can be viewed on all iOS devices and also macOS.


Here's a selection of pages from the PDF book so you can see the depth of detail Edgar has included.






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