Need quick, good looking text titles in Final Cut Pro X? Simple Pop from Stupid Raisins might be the answer, a set of 27 modern, clean FCPX title plugins.

There are a few things Dylan hates and the most notable is raisins in cookies. But when it comes to producing videos, having costly and difficult features that waste time and your precious money are at the top of his list too. That’s why he launched stupidraisins.com, where he has developed numerous plugins for Final Cut Pro to allow users to customize their videos with ease.

Dylan’s latest release from Stupid Raisins is Simple Pop, a set of plugins that add high-quality, simple, and modern text and title animations to videos in Final Cut Pro. It is priced at $59. With so many different social media channels that require video content, he saw the need for something that is customizable and looks professional but doesn’t take a ton of time to use. “They want to add some class to their project,” Dylan explained.

There are 27 simple, modern, clean, and minimal professionally animated titles available for use. In just a few clicks and not only will users impress viewers but save time and money that can be spent on developing more video content as well. If you are a video professional or budding YouTube star, Simple Pop is a great solution for anyone looking for a fast and simple way to add animated, simple texts to any video.

You can use them to highlight an important part of a project or just start your video with a sleek, simple title. The variety of video types that will benefit from Simple Pop are endless: from travel, sports, weddings, cooking, business, commercials, real estate, and music videos, just to name a few.

Customization is easy and chock-full of options. With Simple Pop, you’ll start strong with one of its 27 title templates. Out of the gate, you'll have a professionally designed and animated title. From there, you’ll be able to fine-tune every aspect of your title like text, font, size, color, rotation, alignment, starting and ending animations, and much more.

Curious videophiles can download the demo version for free and view the full plugin and all 27 templates are available with a watermark. If someone decides to purchase the plugin after playing around with it, FxFactory will automatically remove all the watermarks so none of the work will be lost.


  • 27 titles
  • Customization
  • Colors
  • Size
  • Rotation
  • On Screen Controls - easy to use
  • Width
  • Opacity
  • Change the look to make your own
  • Animations on and off
  • Drop Shadow to pop off screen

Dead simple to use, in just three simple steps you'll have eye-catching minimal and simple titles.

First, drag and drop one of 27 professional title templates into your video, next add your own words, and then end with customization. Find Simple Pop under your Titles, with the category name Simple Pop.

Created exclusively for Final Cut Pro 10, Simple Pop has easy presets plus a few bonus backgrounds. All the presets feature in and out animations.

In order to actually create a title, the drag-and-drop ease of FCP is magnified in Simple Pop. With the two bonus backgrounds, blur and solid color, you can blend them together by first dropping blur then the color generator while dropping the color’s opacity.

The color effect has built in animation styles to choose from – up and down; left and right; rectangle; circle; square; and none.

Then just drag the title on top of everything to insert it.

Next you can customize your text right on screen. After typing your desired words, you have full control in the text inspector and you can change the font type and color.

In the title inspector, you can change color of the title box to match your branding and video look.

Adjust the right and left width sliders to the text and then you can reposition the text so it’s centered. You may also use the drop shadow controls to give the title a little more pop if you need it.

Regarding his latest release, Dylan stated:

“Creating these plugins for other FCP users is all about getting the most professional look I can for them all while doing it easily and affordably. Even after just one use, someone who is brand new to video editing can see the benefits of Simple Pop: the time savings, the cost savings, and the clean but professional look of their video.

It's all about empowering storytellers to reach their audiences in authentic ways that will help them engage with their viewers over and over again. It’s as Simple as that.”



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