Transferring large files across long distances with the internet has always been a problem. MASV.io has updated their fast large file transfer system with new features to help. There's also a free trial with up to 400GB of transfer to try the service for yourself.

The product update delivers three key improvements to the file transfer platform: team (multi-user) capabilities, custom branded transfer portals, and password protected transfers.

We’ll look at each feature update separately below. They’ve posted a quick video explainer - we also found out that the company name is pronounced massive!


Based on Slack’s multi-user approach, you can now invite all your employees, freelancers and even family members to join your MASV team. This helps security by keeping all your users under one account, unifying your bill (each team has one billing profile), and better managing user permissions. Team members can have Owner, Administrator, and Member roles and each user’s account activities are billed to the account Owner.

masvio 01

“The fundamental value of MASV.io is our ability to transfer data packages too large for conventional cloud services at lightning-fast speeds,” said Dave Horne, VP of products at MASV.io. “The addition of Teams will enable you to leverage our tool across your department with the security and permission features you require.”

Custom Branding

It used to be that your company’s name appeared on tapes or drives sent in the mail, and MASV has now made the same thing possible via its service: you can now set a custom background, logo, and primary color for your team, meaning all your transfers are branded to your company’s look and feel.

And while MASV’s portals were always brand-able, this update allows full branding whether sending or receiving files.

masvio 02

Password Protected Transfers

MASV users can now set a password to safeguard their data, while also protecting against email hacks or users forwarding links.

MASV’s next planned release will include an API offering; extendable expiries on links; the ability to pause, resume, recover transfers; and estimated times for incoming and outgoing transfers.

MASV.io accelerated file transfer service enables anyone to send enormous files (typically 20GB and higher, far beyond the limits of other popular cloud sharing services) over an accelerated cloud network, entirely within the browser.

If you’re interested in checking them out, commitment-free, they offer a free 14-day trial with up to 400 GB of transfer data to play with.

We wonder if they have considered building a custom FCPX export destination?

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