You might be familiar with Luca and Luca Visual Fx plugins. But did you know he also composes music and sound effects? He's just released a Mystery & Suspense sound library and has very kindly published a coupon code for 20% off for FCP.co readers.

We will let Luca take up the story on this new product:


I've composed over half of the music used to demo Luca Visual Fx plugins and overlays. On several occasions LVFX was asked to either make the tracks available for purchase or create a new free royalty pack available to editors and video-makers.

Even though that was an interesting project we didn’t really plan to develop it. That’s until a few months ago when Luca was asked to produce a SFX pack.

We eventually decided to do more than that. How about creating a big music and sound library, including also finished short compositions?

We love thriller, Sci-fi, horror and drama movies so we decided to focus on a specific theme: Mystery & Suspense.

luca sound library 02

After months of work Luca Visual Fx developed an extensive music library including more than 500 music themes, atmospheres and SFX.

The pack, specifically (but not exclusively) designed for video editors and video makers, offers many ways to edit music and sounds to thrillers, dramas, sci-fi and horror productions as well as documentaries, news, viral videos and much more.

As you can see in the 2 video examples on vimeo users can actually combine elements to create their own scores, all it takes is a tiny bit of creativity!

This huge music library covers several music styles, including classical.

It is divided in 12 categories: Atmospheres & Themes, Background Bases, Crescendo, Deep & Dark, Experimental & Dissonant, Intro, End & Transitional Sounds, Noise, Rhythmic, SFX, Space Sounds, Suspence, Themes, Vox.

You can listen to samples here.  Some of these categories also contain extra subcategories providing a large variety of audio elements and loops.

All tracks and SFX were created using Korg electric piano and sound module, voice, field recordings and the mighty Logic Pro X. The files are delivered in uncompressed AIF format 24bit - 96000 Hz. Universally compatible.

All readers of FCP.CO can enjoy a 20% off on this product until the 15th of June by using this voucher: Fcpco20off

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