Analogue and digital glitches are effects widely used as momentary stylised transitions, visual elements designed to enhance a dramatic scene or to merely emulate corrupted footage. Dual Glitch from Luca Visual FX is a new $49 FCPX plugin that gives the editor access to many different styles of glitches.

Luca tells us more...

Dual Glitch is a new $49 plugin (launch price $39) for Final Cut Pro X designed to help film/video editors and videographers alike to achieve all the above by using the many customization options.

The plugin in fact allows its users to add fully customizable digital and analogue glitches to their footage. Featuring 2 modes to create a huge variety of distortion effects, the plugin includes both templates with total control of every aspect of the distortion and others with just a few parameters for instant analogue or digital glitches. Dual Glitch can be used either as an effect or a transition.

It comes with 17 templates grouped in themes: defaults, simplified parameters and presets.

The default templates feature over 70 parameters allowing the user to create a vast range of distortion effects, you can start from scratch or even implement your own custom media as part of the overlaying glitch thanks to an image well provided with one of the default templates.

This can be useful if for example you wish to create a sort of jumpy image delay glitch or interference corrupting parts of the footage.

The simplified parameters themed templates do exactly what it says on the tin.

Are you in a hurry, on a deadline, or simply don’t want to deal with too many parameters? No problem, these templates come with just 5 or under 15 controls for a quick and easy glitch solution to impress your client, who perhaps is watching over your shoulder while you are working...We all love that situation, don’t we?

The Presets templates offer a range of starting points, which the user can modify at will. The user can even implement several instances of the effect to strengthen the final look.

Besides the glitch visual fx Luca has also created a pack of 20 glitch sound effects to add to your edit, some are short others are fairly long, allowing you to choose the bits you most like. All the glitch sound effects used in the demo are from this pack, which is a bonus offered to all users of this new plugin.

The plugins are distributed via FxFactory so there is a free watermarked trial available. FxFactory has also put together this tutorial video of Dual Glitch in action.


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