A new product and a new(ish) look. Idustrial Revolution has just released XEffects Rips, a set of plugins for Final Cut Pro X that rip or tear video and still images. There's a special launch price of $39 down from $49 too.

The idea of the page curl isn't new. Some of us older editors might remember programming the front and backs into old DVE machines such as A53s, Charismas and Kaleidoscopes.

There is a page curl in FCPX, but it is all or nothing on the whole image. With XEffects Rips, Idustrial Revolution has built a page curl that actually gives the impression of video or stills being ripped like paper, leaving an authentic rip of rough paper in the middle. 

The plugins are very customisable, the rip can be placed anywhere in the frame using X&Y controls. There are plugins that allow the rip to be angled and each plugin has controls to adjust the paper edge.


  • All Transitions, Effects & Title Plugins work with video or images
  • Control tear direction and paper tear angle
  • Onscreen controls for paper tear angles
  • Position tear anywhere in frame using X and Y controls
  • 10 different edges to choose from
  • Control depth of edge and edge offset
  • Add a drop shadow to outgoing or incoming tear
  • Make multiple tears using Compound Clips
  • Control speed of tear
  • Pin sharp results even in 4K FCPX timelines. 

The launch price for XEffects Rips of $39 (down from $49) is good for one week until March 1st 2018) 

The plugin is distributed via the plugin manager system FxFactory which means there is a free watermarked trial available.

There is also a tutorial video showing XEffects Rips in action


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