Ever wanted to mix things up on your FCPX timeline automatically? A new $29.99 app Random-X makes as many versions of your Project as you want!

Rainer Standke who is is well known for his Final Cut Pro tools at XMil has just launched Random-X. This new app which is on special offer at $9.99 (normal price $29.99) on the Mac App Store, reshuffles clips or images on FCPX timelines.

Clips can be used whole and complete, or just the favorite or keyworded sections. Adjacent clips in projects can be kept together with strategically placed Markers.


I think we should say first up that we can't really see this being used in scripted or shows that follow the progress of time.. but you never know!

Where we can see it being used is for montages and slideshows. We have had folders of images supplied from clients and finding a quick way to mix up the similar shots would be handy.

It also shows the power that FCPX has with its database format of storing Project info. This feature coupled with third-party apps being able to manipulate the data and then send it back to FCPX could launch some very powerful workflows in the future.


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